Garmin Airmar B175L (12° Tilt)

Garmin Airmar B175L (12° Tilt)

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PART NUMBER: 010-11938-21

Step up to 1 kW without a fairing with this flush-mounted bronze housing that protrudes less than 1/4-inch outside the hull and can sit on the trailer rollers/bunks without damage.

The tilted element inside the transducer accommodates all hull deadrises and eliminates the need for a fairing block. And, low, medium and high frequency versions provide maximum flexibility for the choice of frequencies.

An excellent choice for fiberglass and wood hulls, this 8-pin transducer has a depth of 1,200 ft; an operating frequency of 40-60 kHz; a beamwidth of 16-25 degrees; and a 8 to 15 degree deadrise.