Garmin Airmar B265LM

Garmin Airmar B265LM

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PART NUMBER: 010-11647-20

This best performing 1 kW thru-hull transducer, this bare wire mount performs well in deep water and has exceptional bottom and water column detail.

This transducer has a depth of 3,000 ft; an operating frequency of 42 to 65 kHz and 85 to 135 kHz; a beamwidth of 16 to 25 degrees and 11 to 16 degrees; and a 0 to 20 degree deadrise.


Beamwidth 16°-25°/11°-16°
Number of pins Bare Wire
Cable length 39 ft.
Frequency CHIRP 42-65 kHz & 130-210 kHz
Power 1 kW
Depth/Speed/Temperature Depth and Temperature
Supported deadrise/Transom angles 0°-20° degree deadrise
Maximum depth 3,000 ft.