Garmin Airmar CM599LHW

Garmin Airmar CM599LHW

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PART NUMBER: 010-12188-20

This pocket mounted transducer uses very narrow beams and low frequencies and wide beams for high frequencies to send depth and temperature to your Garmin Marine Network.

A pocket version of the R599LH, this 1 to 3 kW bare wire plastic transducer has a maximum depth of 10,000 feet; an operating frequency of 28 to 60 kHz and 150 to 250 kHz; and a beamwidth of 9x23 degrees or a constant 25 degrees. The pocket mount is installation dependent.


Beamwidth 5°x9°-11°x23°/24°-26°
Number of pins Bare wires
Cable length 70 ft.
Frequency CHIRP Low (28-60 kHz) & CHIRP High Wide (150-250 kHz)
Depth/Speed/Temperature Depth and Temperature
Supported deadrise/Transom angles Installation Dependent
Power 1 kW/3 kW
Maximum depth 10,000 ft.