Garmin Airmar R111LH

Garmin Airmar R111LH

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PART NUMBER: 010-11643-20

This in-hull or pocket mounted transducer uses narrow beams at low/high frequencies to display depth and temperature data to your Garmin Marine Network via your sonar, such as the GSD 26.

Designed to allow both traditional and Spread Spectrum scanning, this 2 kW barewire, plastic transducer has a maximum depth of 8,000 ft; an operating frequency of 38 to 75 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz; and a beamwidth of 10x19 degrees. The in-hull mounts on a 0-25° deadrise angle; the pocket mount is installation dependent.

¹In-hull not recommended for cored-hull vessels


Beamwidth 10°x19°/4°-8°
Number of pins Bare wires
Cable length 49 ft.
Frequency CHIRP Low (38-75 kHz) & CHIRP High (130-210 kHz)
Power 2 kW
Depth/Speed/Temperature Depth and Temperature
Supported deadrise/Transom angles 0°-25° degree deadrise
Maximum depth 6,000 ft.