Garmin GT8HW-IH

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PART NUMBER: 010-12401-10

GT8HW-IH transducer is ideal for bass boats that want to install the transducer inside a fiberglass hull and not on the transom where cavitation could cause issues. It requires a flat section (less than 6°) in the hull to be mounted and is excellent for boats traveling at high speeds that want to maintain accurate depth readings.The 8-pin transducer features high-wide CHIRP traditional sonar (145-230 kHz) and has a power rating of 250 W. It can be used in conjunction with a GT30-TM transducer and an adapter cable so you can maintain depth at high speeds and scanning capabilities at trolling speeds.


Beamwidth 24°-16°
Number of pins 8-pin
Cable length 20 ft.
Frequency CHIRP High Wide (145-230 kHz)
Power 250 W
Depth/Speed/Temperature Depth
Supported deadrise/Transom angles 0°- 6° deadrise
Maximum depth 800 ft. freshwater


In the Box

  • GT8HW-IH transducer
  • In-hull fitting
  • Documentation